Pathfinder is a weekly show about storytelling. The show is released both as a podcast and in video format on Youtube every Wednesday.

Each week we break down how stories work and the approach of the people behind them. We'll be delving into how the best stories are told, the tools used to bring them to life and most importantly the process creators go through to make them.

Ollie Judge writes and hosts Pathfinder. By day he produces podcasts, video series and helps people tell stories for a living. By night he endlessly tinkers with the latest ways to tell stories, with the latest creation tools he can get his hands on.

Rodger Morley, edits and produces Pathfinder. Forever tweaking and tuning, Rodger crafts audio environments you want to sink into.

Ollie and Rodger are the team behind Adrift. You can find more about what we do at https://adrift.media/

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